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  • Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Data Processing Assistant

Jan 22, 2024 #Ingeniero

Assistant requirements:
-Recent college graduates in-Systems Engineering careers.
-Experience in the creation of projects, can be university graduates.
-Advanced programming in SQL, Postgres, Java.
-Advanced programming for online queries.
-Medium knowledge and handling of Linux servers.
-Advanced English / necessary for programming language management.
-Team player.
-Immediate availability.

Tasks to do:

-Responsible for the delivery of market research projects on agreed dates.
-Data capture process and data entry form.
-Assist in the design of the questionnaire capture program to optimize the speed and accuracy of the capture.
-Checking scripts and ensuring the accuracy of all scripts.
-Verify data and ensure accuracy of all data.
-Understand the coding process and codebook requirements.

We offer:

Benefits of law.
Opportunity for growth.
Monday to Friday and Saturday.
Hybrid work.

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